Delta-8 Live Resin Carts

Our new line of small batch live resin carts offers a smoother and satisfying experience. The terpenes in live resin are known for being rich and inviting. This is due to our extraction process of the cannabis terpenes. We use a special form of extractions to get the purest distillate possible. Rather than drying and curing the flower, our farmers “flash” freezes the buds upon harvest, while keeping a subcritical temperature. This helps to protect the trichomes and terpenes, all while upholding and preserving the integrity of the natural flavors and aroma of the living plant. This results in one of the most sought after and enjoyable cannabis products on the market.

Palmetto's Delta 8 Live Resin carts contain over 1000mg of hemp derived Delta 8 Live Resin.

Users describe the experience of Delta 8 as a smooth, lucid buzz. 


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