Delta-8 Edibles

Our #1 Seller

At Palmetto Hemp Supply, our most popular item and number one seller is our Delta-8 gummies. Our Delta-8 edibles are derived from organic, premium hemp and contain no herbicides, pesticides, heavy metals, or other adulterants. Each 500mg bag contains 20 pieces and comes in five flavors: Apple, Strawberry Banana, Passion Fruit, and Watermelon, each with 25 mg of Delta-8. Just one piece can improve your relaxation, clear your mind, improve your sleep, and provide for a great overall experience. Additionally, they are vegan, gluten-free, and non-gmo.

Delta-8 Small Batch Private Reserve Gummies

We also offer premium Delta-8 edibles for a newly improved experience. Our Delta-8 Small Batch Private Reserve Gummies are our best yet. Each bag of these premium Delta-8 gummies contains 10 pieces, and while only 10mg of Delta-8 in each, these contain cannabis derived terpenes from the Pinot Grigio™ hemp strain, which makes for an unbeatable and more well-rounded experience by way of the entourage effect.