Edible Safety

As we approach the Halloween holiday, you are sure to hear stories of children accessing gummies and edibles.  As with most news and media, it’s important to look at these stories with proper scrutiny. It’s even more important to take the same precautions with edibles that you would with any other product not meant for minors like alcohol, prescription drugs or cleaning supplies.  While it is true that edibles look like common candies, if stored appropriately, their appearance isn’t relevant.  Here are a few common-sense precautions to keep you, and those dear to you, safe while you enjoy the benefits of these helpful products.

-Keep out of reach of children.  Find a secure place that is cool and dry away from curious eyes.

-If you don’t consume your edible in the view of a child, you won’t pique their curiosity as to what type of treat you’re enjoying.

-Make sure you properly seal the package after having your treat. Keep the package out of reach of children in a locked and secure area, if possible.

-Follow the recommended serving amount printed on the package.  Wait the mentioned length of time to see how the product affects you before having more.

-Do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consuming edibles.

-Find a place to relax and stay there to enjoy the amazing benefits of your edibles.  Climbing a ladder or using tools while consuming edibles isn’t a good idea. Find an easy-going task like watching a movie, gaming, or making art!

-As the industry moves towards child-proof packaging, Palmetto is ensuring that we are compliant with industry standards, as the safety of our children is paramount. 

-If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to send us an email at info@palmettohempsupply.com! We are eager to help you find the products and information to suit your needs.

Paul Proteus