Tips on Tolerance Breaks

Tips on Tolerance Breaks

Heavy use of cannabis-infused products can lead to a level of tolerance that can eventually minimize their positive effects.  Don’t worry! There are a few simple ways to reset your mind and body so you can get back to the calming and euphoric experiences you typically associate with cannabinoid usage. Remember, everyone’s body chemistry is unique.  What may work for someone else may not work for you.  

A good rule-of-thumb is to try a 7-14 day break from all cannabinoid products.  If you still notice muted effects of what you are consuming, you may want to consider a longer break. 

If you take prescription drugs or beta blockers they may neutralize some of the effects of cannabinoids. Consultation with your healthcare provider is always best to insure the safety and efficacy of your current medications.

Proper hydration is key for good health regardless of your goals, so make sure that you are getting plenty of water into your system daily. 

-Important Note: These suggestions are here to help you when you feel a degradation of effects from Delta 8/9/10, CBD products, etc.  These suggestions have no bearing on whether or not these could be detected in your body through testing. Broad spectrum CBD may be your best option if you are looking for products that don’t contain THC.

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